What’s the one thing your business can’t do without? A high-quality refrigeration system is paramount in the meat industry.

Without it you can risk the quality of your produce, as well as your reputation.

Luckily, at J&M Refrigeration, there’s not much we don’t know about commercial refrigeration – and we can supply your business with a range of refrigerated units ideal for the safe storage of fresh meat produce.

Why should you invest in high-quality refrigeration?

As you know, the success of your business is directly related to the way meat products are stored. Faulty or poorly maintained refrigeration systems can cause major problems for any business, but especially if you work with meat and fish. Our butcher’s display cabinets will keep your meat products fresh and stored at optimal temperature – whilst looking great too!

What are the benefits of using a refrigerated display cabinet?

Butcher Display Fridge

If you’re wondering how one of our refrigerated display cabinets can help your business thrive, here are just a handful of reasons to consider us:

  • Keeps your display neat and tidy
  • Looks attractive to customers and allows them to see what you have to offer
  • Keeps meat produce fresh and healthy
  • Simple to use – you can keep your display cabinets replenished with ease
  • Easy to clean – our glass refrigerated display cabinets can be wiped down in minutes and are straightforward to keep clean
  • Attention grabbing – with internal lighting to illuminate your goods, a great cabinet display can do wonders for marketing your business

What type of meat display cabinets do you require?

Depending on a whole host of factors – including the size of your business and the amount of meat products that you wish to display – we can help you to select the right unit for your company requirements. With over three decades of industry experience, we are more than happy to assist you with this decision.

Whatever your requirements, we can fit out your butcher’s shop with any display cabinet and install any refrigerator system. Our professional team of engineers can carry out the installation, at a time to suit you – and offer ongoing support to ensure your refrigerated display cabinet is always kept in the best running order.